Friday, April 13, 2012

Vote Arts in Alberta

There are only 9 campaigning days left in Alberta's provincial election. I encourage everyone to cast a ballot, and, when you do, I sincerely encourage you to consider each party's Arts platform when you do. To help with this, here are a few websites, in no particular order:

Alberta Liberal Party Election Platform - the Arts Policy is on pages 24 and 25 of this .pdf

Alberta Party Creative Industries Policy

Alberta New Democrats' Arts Platform

Alberta Progressive Conservatives Platform - the Arts Policy is on page 32 of this .pdf

Wildrose Alliance Policy Green Book - I was unable to find a specific Arts Policy on their website, and this document does not seem to be searchable, but that could mean I missed it. I am providing a link here and will post an update if I do find anything.

There are several other, smaller parties running candidates in the provincial election and I am not aware of all of them, however, check out the following sites for further information, which is posted as it's available:

ArtsVote Calgary

Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton (PACE)

PACE also has a facebook page and a twitter feed, so feel free to check these as well.

Again - please vote, and please consider the Arts when you do. Ask your friends and colleagues to do the same. Our society will only be richer when this happens.

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