Sunday, March 28, 2010


This is a blog about Arts Administration – or at least one person's perspectives and thoughts on it. Although it is meant to be thoughtful it certainly isn't meant to be definitive and I hope it will open doors to more thoughtful comments and insights. I hope it will stimulate discussion of the kind that Arts Administrators rarely seem to have time for, except over the occasional coffee or at a conference. I will also include links to recent and/or relevant research, policy and discussion on Arts and Culture around the internet, and helpful hints, links, thoughts and comments are always appreciated. Part of the process of blogging is, after all, to engage in dialogue with a wider community. The subject matter will naturally be influenced by the aspects that interest me most about Arts Administration these days, in particular public policy, strategic planning, research, and general thoughts on how and why we do what we do. Since I am not an expert on marketing or fundraising (although these topics will certainly arise from time to time), I will tend not to write specifically about these, as there are other blogs and sites out there that address issues in these areas probably much better than I do.

Some of what will be written here may be provocative – in fact, in the name of stimulating discussion, I hope some of it will be. With that said, I will make every effort to ensure that what I say is true to the very best of my knowledge and that I try to credit others' thoughts and ideas appropriately. If there are errors or omissions, friendly reminders are appreciated. All of the opinions that are not attributed to others and that are expressed in this blog are entirely my own and are not intended to reflect any organization's or other person's opinions, except by coincidence. The intention is to be constructive, productive and most of the time, positive. Although there will be times when arguments will be made against certain ideas or practices, the intent is never to whine or allow things to deteriorate into rants or vents.

I hope there are some people out there who will find this stimulating and thought-provoking, and if not either of those at least interesting, and who will read and comment and make a challenging, rewarding and profession even more so.

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